Knighthood and Arrival at the Bogensperk Castle

After his return home, Valvasor acquired the title of Baron. The Valvasor family had received it in 1667. He also took a major step – the marriage, about which we read in the Marriage Book of the Parish of Šmartno near Litija: “On 10th July 1672 Sir Janez Vajkard Valvasor von Gallenekh was married to Lady Ana Rosina Groffenbegerin von Graffenhau.”

She was the daughter of the Lord of Castle Slatina, very young, 13 years, 8 months and 29 days old. Two months after the wedding the newly-weds bought the castles Črni Potok, Bogenšperk, and Lichtenberg. The castles were bought from Baron Franc Albert Kheysell for the sum 20,000 goldinars. This sum was not completely paid off during Valvasor’s lifetime.

After marriage Ana Rosina soon gave birth to a girl, Marija Sidonija, who died after two years. Two daughters followed, both died within two years of birth. After three deaths the fourth child, born in 1678, a daughter named Ivana, survived to grow up. A son named Wolfgang Waikhard, born in 1979 studied at the Jesuit Gymnasium in Ljubljana, entered the Franciscan order, and became Guardian of the Monastery of St. Mary in Gorica at Brdovec in Croatia. Another son died within a year of his birth, two more sons survived and joined the holy orders. Another son Janez Gottlieb born in 1681 died in 1687. Janez Ludvik, born in 1683, survived to follow his brother in the Fransciscan orders and lived till 1752. Another son, Janez Wolf Engelbert was born in 1684, joined the Cistercian Order, and entered the monastery at Kostanjevica, in Lower Carniola. Another son, Franc Joseph, was born in 1686 and died at nine months of age.

It is thought that an unknown condition, possibly black pox caused the death of the children. Finally Ana Rosita, exhausted after many pregnancies, died at only 29 years of age, possibly of a similar condition that caused the death of her children. In 1687 Valvasor married again, Baroness Ana Maksimilia Zetschker. Valvasor had two more descendants from this marriage. Katerina Frančiška was born on 28th April 1688, then Franz Engelbert, born on 15th April 1693.